Pre Pointe Intensive

Unlock your flexibility - free up your front splits safely

Going up onto pointe is every ballerinas dream! Yet it is not as easy as it looks, with an increase in ankle injuries and can be difficult to maintain your balance, turnout and control en pointe. Hence, the reason for pre pointe assessments assessed by a dance Physio to ensure your child is safe to go up onto pointe. To prep for these individual pre pointe assessments, Unlock the secrets of pointe success at this Pre-Pointe Intensive Workshop. You will learn how to be your own physio, and know exactly what will be checked in order for you to pass your pointe assessment.
Self Sufficiency, empowerment and growth are the pillars in which this dance Physio workshop is run.
What is covered:
  • Assessment of what you require to get up onto pointe safely including looking at the:
    • Ankle and toes
    • Turnout
    • Core
  • Practical exercises targeted at getting you strong to get up onto pointe
  • Handout provided of exercises to follow
  • Held at the studio or in clinic
CONTACT info@femmephysiotherapyandwellness.com.au if interested