Dance Physiotherapy

Dance Physiotherapy

Having over 18 years of dance and dance teaching experience, principle physiotherapist Heidi understands that dance is not just an artform, but also a sport, passion and lifestyle. We respect the intricacies and challenges that come with pointe work, external rotation and hypermobility.

Our physiotherapists won’t tell you to “just take a break” when injured and understand the importance of continuing to dance during eisteddfod, exam and performance periods. Our aim is for dancers to be able to reach their full potential and prevent injury whilst ensuring their long term health during and past their dance career. Dance Physiotherapy Services include:

  • Pre Pointe Assessments
  • Flexibility Training
  • Turnout Assessments
  • Management of Dance Injuries
  • Tertiary Dance Assessments for professional companies and university applications
  • Technique enhancement
  • Dance Injuries including foot, ankle, hip and back inuries
  • Workshops for dance schools and teachers – these include pre pointe workshops, turnout and flexibility workshops

what to expect?

All patients should expect the following when they arrive at the appointment center

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